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How to delete a message on WhatsApp for all interlocutors | …

After a good few months of waiting for the announcement, Whatsapp is finally about to release the much-coveted function it allows elimination of the sent message, even in the chat of the contact with whom you are conversing.

The functionality will be available not only for single chats, but also for groups and allow you to correct the sending of the message within a short period of time. Chat users will still be able to see the notification in the status bar, which will carry the words "This message has been deleted".

WhatsApp: here's how to delete messages also for the interlocutors

As mentioned before, WhatsApp will only give you seven minutes of time to delete the message you sent, which does not represent a very large amount of time but still enough to decide immediately, in case you have made a typo or completely wrong the recipient. You will also come notified, in case the deletion of the message has not been successful.

Here she is short procedure to clear the message:

  1. Go to the desired chat
  2. Touch and hold the affected message
  3. Touch the trash can icon that appears at the top right, then touch the "Delete for all" item


The new feature will obviously require that the user you are conversing with has installed the last version of WhatsApp. A detail that clearly needs attention only initially, given that all users will have progressively upgraded the application over time.

The function currently in roll-out globallyseems to already be available in the United States, while it will be from here short in our country.

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