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How to conduct surveys on Instagram, detailed guide and methods of use

marzo 17, 2020

Among the many innovations introduced by Instagram one of the most useful is the function that allows you to make some surveys to submit to their own followers in their own stories. This feature allows you to interrogate your audience on topics of your choice, who can therefore interact more directly with respect to comments or likes.

Both the questions and the answers are fully customizable by the author; this very important tool to know the predominant target in your audience about a topic, questioning your followers directly for other purposes such as analysis, interviews and debates.

How to survey on Instagram

The survey function integrated into the social network Instagramand therefore usable directly within it on your Android device; to do this it is necessary to know how to achieve, set, view the results and the exact percentages of the votes by the followers.

To be sure that the survey option is available on your Instagram app, you need to update to thelatest version available for your Android device (especially if automatic updating is not set).

Once this premise is satisfied, proceed as follows:

  1. Open theapp of Instagramand start the History function by tapping to the right or using the appropriate icon that starts the camera and video camera functions.
  2. Before publication, normally edit the media file as you wish, with filters or animated effects.
  3. Add the survey function available among the stickers.
  4. Once inserted in the history insert your question in the relative field.
  5. Possibly edit and customize response options compared to the standard ones (yes, no).
  6. Complete the editing by adding emoticons if necessary.
  7. Once you have finished editing and creating the story, share it.

Check the votes

Once you have created and shared a poll obviously it is important to know the results, even in real time. To do this we must open the story in question, starting the reproduction of it; in this way i will appear Poll Results with the percentages of the votes, the number of responses and the number of views.

How to survey on Instagram

You will also know all those who took part in the survey with their name and the answer they selected; from this panel you can also save the story as a post or delete it.

The usefulness of surveys

The function surveys, before being introduced, it was much desired and requested by users who were subsequently satisfied by the staff of Instagram. In particular, the surveys function is of fundamental importance in order to better understand one's preferencesfollowersso as to be able to adjust accordingly on the content to be published and on the editorial plan to be adopted, especially for those who use thiscompanyfor business purposes.

How to survey on Instagram

It can be said without risk of denial that a influencer or a company owe their success to their fans, who must see in them an example to follow and an image that respects their expectations, and precisely in this that the polling function is very useful for adhering to the preferences of its audience, in so as to retain him and satisfy him at best.

For this reason, the advice to use the survey function very carefully and carefully to get information about your own followers but without abusing or giving too much attention to this goal; on the basis of the data obtained in the polls, it will be possible to establish a precise schedule to follow so as to be able to satisfy current fans and continue on the possible trail of growth based on the interests most in vogue at the time, fully riding the wave of the trend .

How to survey on Instagram

By combining more questions and more surveys you can try to intercept preferences most of the audience so as to offer content based on them; unfortunately, in fact, the whole can never be satisfied fanbase, given the variety and vastness of preferences of each individual, but the goal of a Instagram profile successful to satisfy most of their followers so as not to risk marketing mistakes and do not undermine your claim and the success that is being achieved.


The reasoning set out above must obviously be applied, with the necessary changes, on the basis of each individual situation, but the general guidelines still remain valid; in fact there are no details strategic differences among the most successful and least fortunate profiles.

The same reasoning also applies to those who wish to make a good impression even in their own circle of friends on Instagram; in fact it is useless to hide the reality of the facts, on social networks like Instagram, as well as in everyday life, the goal of making a good impression on others by showing off their best; just so you can achieve a good one popularity and consequently a greater number of followers.

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