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How to change the default launcher on Huawei / Honor smartphones | GUIDE

The EMUI interface which features Huawei and Honor devices in stock, offers a good user experience, which makes navigation on your smartphone practical and fast. Although the interface offers a highly respectable launcher, very comfortable and with nothing missing, not everyone can feel comfortable with the latter, preferring perhaps a third-party launcher that has been used for some time.

Fortunately change launcher on the EMUI interfaces of smartphones Huawei and Honor, an easy operation, which requires a few simple steps. In this guide we will show you how to do.

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How to change the default launcher on the EMUI interface of Huawei and Honor smartphones

What you need to do to change the default launcher on your Huawei or Honor device, first of all get what you usually use or intend to try, by downloading from the Play Store.

Downloaded the new launcher, go now onSettings> Appsand once you open the window, touch the gear icon placed at the bottom, then touching the itemDefault settings.

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