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How to better protect yourself from radiation from a smartphone

Like any other device a radio frequency during its operation, it smartphone issues some radiation in the form of radio waves. As the power of the antennas and the network protocols, such as the upcoming 5G, progress, these emissions have gradually increased, reaching maximum SAR peaks that go beyond 1.50W / Kg, sometimes exceeding the allowed absorption limits in some countries. But what exactly do these values ​​refer to?

What are the SAR values ​​of a smartphone

SAR the acronym forSpecific Absorption Rate, which precisely means "Specific Absorption Rate". This unit of measurement indicates the amount of radiation that the human body will absorb while using the relevant smartphone. These radiation absorption levels are measured in Watt per Kg.

The lower the SAR value, the lower the radiation absorbed by our body. Prolonged exposure, due to high use of the device, can in the long run, harm our body. We know very well for, that in current times practically impossible to make sure to use the smartphone to a minimum, there are however some simple tips, which allow you to reduce exposure radiation in specific situations, safeguarding our health.

Here are some small tricks to keep in mind.

Use your earbuds often during a call with your smartphone

According to a scientific study, talking on the smartphone for over 50 minutes, can affect ours brain activities. To save our head from the radiation emitted by our phone, therefore, it is advisable to always use or whenever possible, earphones with cable, during calls.


Another useful tip is to keep the device as close as possible away from the body, while we talk to our interlocutor.

Use an anti-radiation case


Several companies manufacture smartphone cases equipped with anti-radiation material. The exterior of these cases, made of synthetic material with microfibre interior. To cover the space between these two materials, there are gods shielding sheets anti-radiation, capable of protecting the human body from the exposure of the waves emitted by the phone.

Don't keep your smartphone in your pocket

Another thing to keep in mind, that of don't hold your smartphone tucked in his pocket. In fact, telephones emit radiation even when not in use, since the antenna remains always active and connected with the network signal. By avoiding keeping your device in your pocket, you will save yourself possible health problems related to the prostate, ovaries or possible osteoporosis.


So always keep your device in one shoulder strap or bag.

Avoid making calls from your smartphone in areas where the weak signal

Whenever you find yourself in an area where the cellular network signal is weak, the smartphone will attempt to keep the connection, increasing the power of the antenna and with this, the issue electromagnetic waves.


therefore advisable avoid using the phone in places like basements, subways or other places where the weak network signal strength. If the latter is weak even in the house where you live, it is best to install a signal amplifier.

Also avoid using the device in places surrounded by metal, like elevators. In fact, metal reflects electromagnetic waves, amplifying and consequently increasing exposure to the latter.

Other little tips

In addition to the advice already mentioned above, they exist other small tricks to reduce the exposure from radiation emitted by the smartphone. During calls, try to minimize talk time, preferring always textual communication, through messaging app.

Also avoid sleeping with your smartphone or any other wireless device next to the bed, always turning off your phone at night when possible.

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