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How to activate Lite Pages on Chrome to navigate with little signal …

Big G has recently introduced one new feature on Chrome call Lite Pages, or a feature that allows users to navigate faster, improving page loading even in areas with little network coverage, reducing the use of good data 90%.

Google introduces Lite Pages on Chrome for fast browsing even in areas with little coverage

Google says that Chrome's Lite Pages function works best in conjunction with enabling the browser's data saving option, also stating that the activation of the new function will reported in the navigation bar of the page, while I will come automatically disabled when the user wants to load the page in its original version.

Lite Pages also benefit from integrated optimization and help from Google servers, to improve page load. Optimizations are applied when the network switches to 2G or when the browser estimates that the page load takes longer than 5 seconds. The specific optimization techniques also depend on the region in which you are currently located.

How to activate Lite Pages on Chrome

To activate Lite Pages on, go toSettingsand activate the toggle in the voiceSaving data.

Chrome "width =" 300 "height =" 533 "srcset =" 720w, 236w "sizes =" (max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px "/></p><p>Type later<strong><em>Chrome: // flags</em></strong> in the navigation bar and look for the item<strong><em>Override effective connection type</em></strong>, by selecting the 2G setting on the latter.</p><p><img class=