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High-tech fans on the new iMac

marzo 17, 2020

High-tech fans on the new iMac logomacitynet1200wide 1

Anyone who thinks that the fan contained in the new iMac is a step backwards compared to the old CRT models, which no longer had any fan, would do better to reconsider their beliefs.In the last few days, in fact, many details have leaked about the system cooling of the new desktop that make you think, rather, in very refined technological choices.Apple, as we have already explained in other articles, was forced to adopt the cooling system for the particularities of the hardware and the case. The more powerful processor of the G3 Sidewinder of the iMac and therefore heats up more. In addition to this the container that "stacks" the components in a small space and the dome shape do not allow enough convection to guarantee "natural" cooling to the board mother. Hence the obligation to use a fan.Apple for wanted to set for this device very ambitious specifications in terms of noise: the buzz produced had to be equal if not less than that of a hard disk.Cupertino succeeded in this venture so that when it turns the fan only produces 20 decibels of noise, less than HD and less than a whisper can be heard from a dozen meters away. Note that the "when" is not the case, because the cooling system does not always running but is activated by case heating as happens in laptops. In addition, its variable speed as a function of temperature. It is so likely that it will turn at considerable speed only for a few seconds and only rarely. In normal conditions it may not even activate, in short, despite the fan, the new iMac may be as silent as the old one.

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