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Here we go again: Netscape against Microsoft.

Here we go again: Netscape against Microsoft. logomacitynet1200wide 1

John Buckley of AOL believes that this action against Internet Explorer is the ultimate attempt to "get justice". Microsoft's browser has stunned Netscape's one, relegating it to a dark, lonely corner of the web, how did it do it? Preventing the legitimate spread on the millions of PCs with Windows where Explorer resided more stable than ever, this is the AOL thesis for Netscape. At the court in Washington DC, AOL asks the reimbursement of the damages suffered by Netscape in these years of slow decline until Communicator's oblivion for violating the second section of the Sherman Antitrust Act. If someone comes to mind the trial of Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, he doesn't fall into error, that was the dominant theme before Redmond's lawyers disassembled piece by piece the final decisions of that process. The two companies are increasingly in the limelight for the conquest of the market: AOL has 33 million customers but MSN (from Microsoft) is pressing even if at a great distance. But the problems do not end here for Microsoft: television UltimateTV will lay off many employees by moving the rest to other divisions, especially X-Box. UltimateTV a television service including a subscription to DirectTV satellite television with an integrated digital video recorder. Microsoft had already bought the WebTV in 1997, recently transformed into MSN TV, this will absorb the activities of UltimateTV.

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