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Here are the 1 GHz and 2 (2 × 1) GHz G4s

Here are the 1 GHz and 2 (2×1) GHz G4 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has anticipated the timing compared to rumors. A few minutes ago on the Apple Store USA website the new G4s appeared with the absolute novelty of the 1 GHz processor, but not only. Among the novelties also the ventilated GeForce4 and two high-end versions with dual processors. But let's go in order. The models available are at this time 4.

An 800 MHz version, 256K of second level cache, 256 MB of Ram, 40 GB disk; CDRW and the new Radeon 7500 card.

The 933 MHz version, adds a third level cache of 2MB 60 GB disk and Supedrive. The GeForce 4 MX card also disappears

The high-end models, the first that bring the G4 processors to 1 GHz, are two, both with dual processors.The “super-fast” dual G4 1-GHz model, 512 MB of Ram, 80 GB disk, supedrive and GeForce4 MX.A "custom made" version always with dual 1 Ghz processor it has memory up to 1.5 GB, two 80 GB disks. Prices range from $ 1599 for the low-end version up to $ 2990 for the dual processor version passing through the 2290 for the 933 MHz version. The "custom" version made ”costs $ 3649. Soon more news on the subject

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