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Hauppage brings the Z-wave home automation kits to Italy

marzo 17, 2020

The world of home automation gateways in Italy was sparsely populated until a few months ago but with the general public getting closer to the idea that home automation can be simple to carry out and relatively inexpensive a whole series of solutions that embrace a wide range appear on our market. price range.

For those who want a low-cost entry system, special kits are available marketed by European companies that are based on production from Taiwan but with software made in our continent (this is the solution created by Zipato and also widespread on other gateways of this like) and translated into our language.

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<p>This is the case of the French Hauppage which has just introduced its mySmarthome kits in Italy in the most recent edition with z-wave Plus gateway that connects via ethernet or wi-fi to your router and that manages a lot of Z-wave peripherals.</p>
<p>Some of these peripherals are included in the two basic kits: common product the “4 in one” sensor which is used to detect door opening, presence, lighting and temperature to which are added two controlled sockets with consumption detection in a kit and smoke and flood (which also detects temperature and humidity), in addition to a 720p camera with microphone, in the other.<strong>IlmySmarthome 1568 DIY Security Kit on offer on Amazon with a 27% discount and a final price of 239 Euro including VAT for the day 7 October.</strong></p>
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<p>The software as mentioned, which allows control not only from Android and iOS but also from PC and Mac available on these platforms in Italian as well as possible to create complex macros for the automation of home tasks.</p>
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