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G4: the specifications

G4: the specifications logomacitynet1200wide 1

No significant difference in terms of internal architecture for the new machines launched today by Apple compared to the "old" PowerMacs presented last summer. The technical specifications, in fact, made known during the afternoon do not at first sight present any noteworthy modification , except, of course, for video cards and processors. The processors, of which we speak in another news, have the traditional "on board" second level cache of 256kb which runs at the same speed of the processor, and the same cache of third level that the old PowerMacs had (2 GB). The system bus remains at 133 MHz and the RAM of the SDRAM type. The AGP bus remains at 4X. The CD-RW drive writes on 24x CD-R and 10x CD-RW, reads 32x CD; the superdrive writes on DVD-R at 2x, reads DVD at 6x, writes on CD-R at 8x and on CD-RW at 4x, reads CD at 24x as in the new iMac G4.

It should be noted that, even if only in build to order, a combined DVD player and CD burner that reads 8x DVDs, writes on 12x CD-Rs and 8x CD-RWs, reads 32x CDs. there are two USB ports on the motherboard (which become four if we consider those present on the keyboard which for once connected occupies one in turn). The open PCI slots are four, of regular size, 64 bit and 33MHz, the FireWire ports are two with the traditional speed of 400Mbps. The 1 GHz Ethernet. The preparation for Airport saves a PCI slot and can transform thanks to the software currently available only on Mac OS 9 the G4 in an Airport base station which doubles as a router for other machines connected wirelessly

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