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From now on, the stories will also be available on WhatsApp Web

marzo 17, 2020

As with Instagram, WhatsApp has brought some news with it in the last period. From a renewed interface to the possibility of publish stories in their status, taking a slight direction in the social sphere. From now on, the latter will also be available on WhatsApp Web, the desktop platform that interfaces with the smartphone in order to be able to use the app also from a PC, and therefore also on the computer application.

The stories can now also be viewed on the PC on WhatsApp Web

Unlike the WhatsApp mobile app, to view the stories in the interface of the desktop application, you need to click on an icon positioned next to the button to write a new message, located at the top. When you click on the icon to view the various states, the theme of the varier app by changing the color to black and the contacts that have published a story at that time, will be displayed in a list format. To view the history, click on a contact from the list.

As is well known, the new status feature introduced a few months ago by WhatsApp, a new way of engaging people on the platform, making it possible to publish short videos or photos, thus giving the app a very touch company, which other applications are also increasingly taking.

WhatsApp Web

Just like for the mobile app, the status on WhatsApp Web will be shared with your contacts. It has also been confirmed that as in chats, the end-to-end ciphers. Status messages will automatically disappear after 24 hours, as is the case on smartphones.

It will also be possible to intervene on the privacy, in order to decide who will be able to see the published status, with the three options which are already on the mobile app, or the ability to decide whether to share it with all contacts, with selected contacts or make the status visible to anyone with their own number. By default, the sharing privacy set to "visible to all contacts".

Do you find such an addition useful on WhatsApp Web? What do you use the desktop client for? Tell us a little in the comments below!

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