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Facebook experiences private comments with some accounts

marzo 17, 2020

The now main social platform of Facebook, is starting to to test the possibility of comment privately with other contacts, spreading the function to only a few accounts earlier this month, as reported by the magazineThe Next Web.

Facebook: the privacy panel is also being tested for comments

The new Facebook feature, which can be preview view from the screenshots we post, it clearly shows, through the small lock icon, that the comments will be visible only to the people to whom they are posted, and not to the pages or people whose content attracts other comments, while the test itself for now limited to a small sample of exclusively desktop users, since the function has not been sighted on Android or other mobile platforms.

The small padlock icon, of which a brief mention was made earlier, will serve precisely for ad enable the functionality for private comments. By touching the icon, a will open small privacy panel, similar to the one already present for posts, allowing the user to choose whether to make the comment visible to everyone or just their friends.

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<p>Alternatively, the functionality is also useful in setting some <strong>specific settings</strong>, similar to Facebook's privacy settings for posts. In this regard, it will be possible to make comments <strong>visible or invisible to the author of the post and to his friends or followers</strong>, although the system for currently does not allow you to include or exclude other contacts from the privacy list.</p>
<p>The Facebook development team has yet to confirm <strong>the adequacy of the tests</strong>, which could come up shortly, depending on whether the new feature will be implemented for a larger number of users immediately after testing and optimization.</p>
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