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EyeOn Baby Monitor, the camera for parents always connected

Eyes and ears always tense and ready to sound the alarm when something changes in the bedroom. D-Link's EyeOn Baby Monitor HD 360 surveillance camera is much more than a traditional baby monitor, a hi-tech product for always connected parents: a video camera that captures what happens in the bedroom day and night and can be controlled by smartphones and tablets. Quiet, easy to manage and orientate via iPad and iPhone, beautiful and with many useful functions, the video camera offers the user the possibility to keep the baby under control in the bedroom through high definition images, during the day and in the dark of the bedroom at night (up to a distance of five meters), from anywhere. Macity has tried this baby monitor and explains in this review how it works, how it works and explains why every parent 2.0 should think of buying it instead of a traditional baby monitor.


The EyeOn Baby Monitor HD 360 by D-Link is a unique piece and has a linear design suitable for the bedroom, but which also does not clash in other rooms of the house. It looks like a white rotating sphere that rests on a rounded square pedestal. Front has, in the center, the camera lens, surrounded by red lights for night vision, the focus ring and the ambient light sensor. Above the camera is the microphone. On the pedestal you can see the LEDs for controlling the cloud connection and for power supply. On the back are the temperature sensor, the reset button, the direction button and the micro USB power port. On the sides are the slot for the micro SD card and the speaker. The decorative rings can be replaced and are available in pink, blue and white. The package contains the power cable, the support for wall installation, the decorative rings, a micro SD card.


When using the EyeOn Baby Monitor HD 360 by D-Link for the first time, it proceeds with its installation, which is carried out very quickly and easily. You need to have at hand the video camera (below is a code necessary to complete the installation), iPhone or iPad with the free MyDlink Baby application and the password of your WiFi connection. You have to connect the camera to the electricity using the power supply included in the package or connect a portable USB battery, wait for one of the two LEDs to turn green and access the app, which will guide the user step by step through the installation process. and in a few minutes you will be able to access the video footage from your own portable device and keep an eye on the baby in its cradle or the children playing in the bedroom.


LEyeOn Baby Monitor, designed to take care of children, offers versatile monitoring throughout the day that turns into night vision as soon as it gets dark providing a clear image day and night. When the camera and the MyDlink Baby application are active you will receive instant push notifications on your portable device every time noises, movements or changes in temperature are detected. Control your camera very easily via the MyDlink Baby app or via the MyDlink web portal.

The application allows parents to have two eyes always focused on the bedroom. The camcorder can be maneuvered through the app: it is possible to follow the child while playing in the bedroom, orienting the direction of the camcorder footage with a few taps without disturbing him (really silent). On the display, in fact, you can watch the shooting, take photos and record videos.

In addition to listening, the video camera speaks: it offers a two-way exchange. Dad and mom can talk to the baby (or anyone in that room) through the built-in microphone and speaker, comforting the kids. The voice not crippled or metallic, so the voice of mom and dad might not scare the children, especially if they are used to listening to it through the video camera since they were very young. Parents can also choose to play a lullaby in the room, among the five different melodies available.