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Electromagnetic risks also for wireless?

Electromagnetic risks also for wireless? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The fear that all these waves that roam the ether may be harmful, in certain conditions, to the legitimate human organism, but it will also be necessary to make distinctions. A study by the Cahners In-Stat Group outlines the future trend: the networks wireless premises will drop from $ 1 billion in 2002 to $ 4.5 billion two years later. The president of the ERN – Electromagnetic Radiation Network, a non-profit organization for the conscious use of electromagnetic radiation, shakes the less attentive with the following warning "we live with wireless networks that surround us without our knowledge, but many questions are still waiting for an answer." Radio frequencies can be positive or negative, some procure tumors, others cure them, caution should be By 2005 the World Health Organization should conclude an observation started in 1996 on exposure to radio waves, limits will have to be and set in that context to preserve the health of all. In any case, current wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi / Airport are based on antennas that produce fields far lower in intensity than those of common cell phones.

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