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Discounts continue on monitors

Discounts continue on monitors logomacitynet1200wide 1

Goodbye old "Crystal Savings", welcome "Full screen savings". With the launch of the new 1 GHz PowerMacs the old promotion that included discounts of up to 500 euros for one of the LCD monitors retires but another comes that the it is the same even if with some important difference.The maximum discount s up to 500 euros but on this occasion the refund (because this is technically what it is) is applied based on the monitor purchased. The maximum value is obtained on the 22-inch cinema display, the minimum value (100 euros) on the 15-inch display. 300 euros are discounted on the 17-inch monitor.

Previously, on the other hand, the reference on the basis of which the discount parameter was established was the machine. The higher-end the more the discount affected, so that for example if you purchased a dual-processor 800 MHz you would get the 15 inches LCD with a discount of 500 euros. In short, how to say that before the discount, even if advertised as a promotion on the monitors, was in fact a discount on the machine while now actually a cut to the list of monitors. The offer, which includes the download a coupon that must be filled in and shipped to Great Britain, applies to all machines including old ones which have left the list today: 733; 867 and dual 800 MHz and also the servers. The promotion expires on March 31st.

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