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comScore: here are the 25 most downloaded programs from the App Store

marzo 17, 2020

Tap Tap Revenge is the program that boasts the largest user base: 32% of all iPhone and touch users have installed a copy. This and other interesting results have been published by the comScore research company, the first, it declares, has a ranking that does not take into consideration the spread of the App Store titles in a given period of time, but instead calculates the total base of the installed.

In the analysis, which concerns the American market but which has a universal interest due to its vastness, the importance of games clearly emerges in the vast repertoire of the App Store: 12 of the 25 most installed titles are games, a detail that highlights also the importance of the iPhone and touch as gaming platforms. As far as Tap Tap Revenge is concerned, it is a demonstration that even companies and titles that do not belong to the big labels and big franchises can achieve top results.

According to the comScore analysis, App Store users are a decidedly interesting audience for companies and advertising. The research firm declares that these are users with a fairly high average income and active on the Web, both as regards the search for content, information, media and social networking, and as regards online purchases. ComScore's marketing research is useful not only for professionals, but also for users who in one fell swoop can view the most downloaded and installed titles up to February 2009. A list that offers useful tips for fishing classic , games and utilities very often completely free or also available in Lite version that wait for nothing more than to be installed on our pocket. Have fun!

1 free Tap Tap Revenge. Recall that the title also has a sequel: Tap Tap Revenge 2 also this free. The formula of the free version offered for the trial proved successful and a formidable tool to then sell the full and paid versions: Tap Tap Dance 3.99 euros and in the last few days also Tap Tap Coldplay at 3.99 euros.

2 Backgrounds: also free and offering over 5,000 background images divided into 30 different categories to choose from.

3 Touch Hockey: FS5 in Lite version: the timeless two-player challenge in which armed with buffers you need to pull the target that runs on the air cushion, in the opponent's hole. Also in full and paid version at the price of 1.59 euros.

4 Facebook

5 complete Pac-Man for 4.99 euros. Also available in a free lite version.

6 on this website: the free bowling game for iPhone and touch where you have to move the paperback in the typical gesture of throwing the ball.

7 MySpace Mobile the iPhone and touch version of the social network platform.

8 Google Earth for iPhone and touch, free as for the computer versions.

9 complete Labyrinth at a price of 2.39 euros, also available in a free Lite version.

10 Pandora not available on the Italian App Store.

11 AIM for 2.39 euros, the instant chat program, also available in a free Lite version.

12 Flashlight the program that displays a completely white screen to use iPhone and touch as a flashlight.

13 Virtual Zippo Lighter, not available on the Italian App Store

14 Movies news and complete information on the world of cinema at 0.79 cents.

15 Hangman the classic hangman game, free.

16 BubbleWrap the free game where you can crush and detonate the plastic bubbles of the wrapping paper.

17 Lightsaber Unleashed, the free Star Wars lightsaber simulator.

18 Free Shazam, the program that listens to a few seconds of any piece of music and identifies titles, artists etc.

19 Mazefinger escape from the free maze of ngmoco.

20 free Cube Runner: a race through obstacles to avoid using the accelerometer. Also available the following Cube Runner II at a price of 2.39 euros

21 Sol Free Solitaire: the most downloaded free solitaire card game on the App Store.

22 Crazy Penguin Catapult at the price of 2.39 euros the original game in which we must repel the attack of the white bears by catapulting the penguins. Also available in free Lite version.

23 Topple the fun free game in which you need to catch the most cubes, each with a face and personality. Also available the following Topple 2 at a price of 1.59 euros, both from the dynamic developer ngmoco

24 Sodoku the traditional numeric brain-wringing game, priced at 0.79 cents

25 Remote Apple's free program that allows you to use iPhone and touch as remote controls to remotely control iTunes on Mac.