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Coming soon Dillo, iPhone voice directory

Dillo, iPhone voice address book is coming soon logomacitynet1200wide 1

Coming to the App Store is the first application capable of controlling iPhone using voice recognition. It is "Say it".

The program, of which Macity publishes some screen shots at the bottom of this article, focuses precisely on the ability to recognize the voice by distinguishing the "dictation" from the user. so he can understand if we are calling a number from the address book using the reference we have for it (for example, the contact's name and surname) or typing a number for us simply by interpreting each number ("zero-two-eight etc. etc.) . The technology on which Dillo is based is that of Loquendo, which offers a significant ability to distinguish the voice even in difficult conditions.

The program, according to sources who reported it to Macity, should be put on the App Store shortly and when it is made available, a gap will be closed for Apple phone users compared to users of other platforms. Thanks to it it should be possible to type a phone without doing it manually, using the keyboard which could be very convenient since the main problem of the iPhone is that of using a display instead of a numeric keypad, which often makes it easier to carry out this operation .

Unfortunately, it is very likely that, due to the particularities of the operating system and the limitations imposed by Apple, Dillo will not be called up simply by pressing the button on the headphone cord as it does for other phones, which would make the program ideal while driving your own car.

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