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City Traffic: the social network against traffic jams for iPhone

City Traffic: the social network against traffic jams for iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

An all-Italian project that starts from the idea of ​​exploiting the tools of social networks to help users avoid traffic jams, slowdowns and accidents. Unlike the inconveniences that occur on motorways and main national roads, the numerous small episodes that occur in cities are less visible and less suitable for reporting on traditional broadcast channels.

Once installed City Traffic on iPhone 3G and also Edge we can report all the inconveniences we encounter on our route. The events are sent to the City Traffic server and sent from here to all users in the community. Thus on our iPhone we receive the events reported by the whole community. The smartphone identifies our position and displays the closest events: the radius of interest in km can be set by the user.

To report a new event to the City Traffic user community, two clicks are enough to set the type of event and the severity, the latter determines the persistence of the report on the servers. It is also possible to view a map to check the distribution of events in the area or view a complete list.

City Traffic works on iPhone 3G and also on the first Edge version: requires Firwmare 2.2. It can be purchased on this App Store page at a price of 0.79 cents.

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