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Chrome 64 will prevent videos from playing automatically

While browsing, you will often and surely stumble upon web pages adorned with videos that start playing them automatically. Everyone will agree that many of the times, the media in question often hinders navigation, making a sudden appearance while reading. To curb this mess, Google prevent on Chrome 64, that the latter come automatically played, also implementing multiple multimedia controls for those videos.

Chrome 64: the policy on the autoplay of multimedia content changes

In a post today's blog, the Chromium development team highlighted the pros and cons the feature of auto video playback, which is present in services such as YouTube and substantially in any other streaming service:

β€œUsers watch and listen to a lot of multimedia content and the autoplay function can facilitate their consumption on web pages. However, one of the most frequent concerns, the sudden reproduction of content, which can consume mobile data, reduce the autonomy of the smartphone, occupy system resources and cause unwanted disturbances during playback. "

Work to improve the situation will start from Chrome 64, currently available in Canary version, where one will finally be introduced new policy by Google that will prevent the media from starting automatically. While on the contrary, media that will not reproduce sounds or that will have content of interest from users, will have the possibility to reproduce automatically. In the post, the team in fact specifies:

"This will allow autoplay to start when users have an interest in the content, while it will be disabled if the majority of people do not want to see it. These changes will affect both the desktop side and the mobile web, making it easier and more predictable to develop content across platforms and browsers. "

Chrome 64

Several controls, such as the possibility of disable audio for each individual site, however, they will already appear in version 63 of Chrome. While for publishers, Google has made arrangements for rules for autoplay, so as to give users a more control on their reproduction and make it easier for content authors to implement automatic playback.

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