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Cardiia: prevent cardiovascular diseases with a simple app

Cardiia an interesting application developed entirely in Italy available in crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The particular software allows to identify heart disease using a simple smartphone and without the need for sensors and external devices.

The Italian company has decided to develop a mobile application capable of detecting the atrial fibrillation along with other heart diseases to share them with your doctor. With Cardiia there will be no need to purchase expensive sensors or external devices to connect to your phone.

Cardiia Kickstarter appCardiia: here is a simple app to check heart health

Inside there is an update function that allows the user to search for the latest updates available in the hospital camp and download everything to your smartphone to improve the app's performance Cardiia.

The software works both on Android smartphone that on iPhone and, as far as we know so far, the only mobile app that can detect heart disease. The company believes that prevention is the best weapon available to fight heart disease.

Basically, Cardiia capable of giving the user complete diagnoses at hand and able to measure the heartbeat and the waveform of the blood pressure with extreme precision so as to detect atrial fibrillation using artificial intelligence. The company has also won a competition in Italy and will soon begin to perform some field tests on 1000 patients in a university hospital in Rome.

Cardiia Kickstarter appAtrial fibrillation is a phenomenon that affects more and more people

During this 6-month trial, the company will collect data to improve the artificial intelligence of its app Cardiia. Atrial fibrillation can cause ischemic stroke or heart attack if left untreated. Its worldwide incidence is constantly increasing and it is starting to affect people too Under 50.

According to some analyzes carried out by the company, there are 33 million people diagnosed worldwide. Many cardiovascular diseases can be successfully treated but it is essential that they are discovered as soon as possible because the symptoms could be very mild.

Cardiia uses video analysis techniques to measure heart rate and blood pressure waveform with extreme precision. Touching the LED flash smartphone with the fingertips, the application read the blood flow. Video analysis transforms the smartphone into a precise device for reading heart beats.

Cardiia Kickstarter appWhat devices can Cardiia be installed on?

The machine learning compares the captured signal with the internal cardiac rhythm archive and accurately detects the anomalies by performing a diagnosis. The user is notified of any pathology detected and recommends one cardiological examination. In the event that the patient is already under treatment, it is possible to pass the analyzes to the doctor through a simple message.

Cardiia compatible with all Android devices that have at least version 5.0 Lollipop while it can be installed on the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus and SE. Cardiia successfully identified 98% atrial fibrillation in the various tests, with 2% false positives and 0% false negatives. Cardiia available in crowdfunding on Kickstarter at a starting price of 10 euros. The first downloads can be made starting from January 2018.

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