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Canhegat presents Canhe-Fit, the smart collar for four-legged friends

At CES 2016 Canhegat presented Canhe-fit, a collar that monitors the activity and health of pets. Canhe-fit, fixed on the collar and worn by the dog or cat, allows owners to check the daily activity of their four-legged friends and to know everything about the amount of food they eat, the exercise they perform and the energy expenditure based on the their race, allet and weight.

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Not just a device for control and dog owners, but an interesting tool to offer animal lovers a hi-tech product that helps them guarantee a healthy lifestyle for their puppy. The Canhe-fit collar could also be an interesting tool for veterinarians who need to monitor the activity and food intake of the animals they are treating, at home or in the clinic: in addition to observing the owner or doctor, Canhe-fit represents an extra, very careful and precise help that comes from the hi-tech world.

Canhe-fit equipped with a battery that has an autonomy of eight months, communicates with the app thanks to Bluetooth technology, available in many different colors, weighs less than ten grams and waterproof.

At Ces 2016 Canhegat, a French company that deals with animal health products, also presented the app connected to the smart collar together with the device for dogs and cats: the very simple interface and lapp, in addition to communicating in real time to the owner of the animal if the puppy calm, excited or inactive, can also indicate where the animal is located.

For more information on the product, you can contact the Canhegat company directly from this link.

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