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Brita Infinity, the Wi-Fi carafe orders replacement filters on Amazon by itself

The BRITA brand, also on Amazon Italy well known to buyers; these are filter jugs, for those who want to drink even cleaner, clearer and better tasting water. The last exponent is called Brita Infinity and in total autonomy, without the user doing anything, he orders the replacement replacement filter on Amazon, when the one installed is running out.

Like the other Brita products, the Infinity carafe also uses activated carbon filters that must be replaced once they are used up. The particularity, however, lies in the presence of a Wi-Fi module inside the carafe, through which the peripheral automatically re-orders the new replacement filter, obviously at the expense, and perhaps without the knowledge of the user. The trick quickly said: you enter the credentials of your Amazon account, and thanks to the Amazon Dash function you can order the replacement piece in a flash.

brita infinity

In addition to the Wi-Fi module, which is used to communicate with the network and order the piece on Amazon, a sensor in the jug takes into account the amount of water already passed through the filter, and orders a new one every time the jug has served 40 liters of water. In this way the user will find the spare part in the letter box, ready to be mounted on the Infinity jug.

If on the one hand it is an evolution in the way of using smart peripherals, on the other it could be dangerous for the most distracted users, who may forget active subscriptions, finding themselves at home with unnecessary spare parts. In fact, Brita Infinity is not the first, and will not be the last connected object, which allows the user to "benefit" from such a treatment.