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Bill Gates: I disinvest in my TV and invest in that of others.

Bill Gates: I disinvest in my TV and invest in that of others. logomacitynet1200wide 1

We told you a few days ago about the sad fate of Microsoft's UltimateTV that will have to merge into MSN TV (formerly Sony's WebTV) with the result of the dismissal of many of its employees after the bad success of a company that is not appreciated by the public. 'now: 500 million dollars of the "Cascade Investment" (the private bank of Bill Gates) and of the meritorious "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" have served to buy 13 and a half million shares of Cox Communications, the fifth operator, in order of cable TV in the U.S. According to the Washington Post, which released the news, Microsoft's boss has become one of the biggest investors in cable TV over the years: $ 5 billion in the specific division of AT&T. , in addition to the billion dollars used in the 1995 Comcast operation, equal to a 400% revaluation to date.

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