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Best Tweak Cydia for iOS 7: FlipControlCenter


Download tweak FlipControlCenterda Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 7 with Jailbreak

Here we are at a new appointment with ibest tweaks for Cydia compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. Today we talk aboutFlipControlCenter, a new tweak that has just been released for iOS 7.

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A few days ago we told you about FlipControlCenter, a new tweak for Apple devices with jailbreak that would have allowed to customize and modify the icons and programs in the iOS 7 Control Center. After a short period of development and beta testing,FlipControlCenter finally available on Cydia. Although still in beta, FlipControlCenter works very well and truly a convenient and useful tweak. Let's see how it works and what it offers.

First of all, what is the FlipControlCenter for? What does FlipControlCenter do?

FlipControlCenter a new tweak that allows you to customize the iOS 7 Control Center.Practically,FlipControlCenter allows you to edit, change, customize and replace the programs and applications present in the iOS 7 control center.

Thanks to this tweak you can customize, directly from the iOS 7 settings, the buttons and the applications to be displayed inside the iOS 7 Control Center.

In fact, as you know, Apple has introduced with iOS 7 the possibility of having some quick settings in the control center. It's a pity that these settings are not customizable and, consequently, many users find some buttons useless, in the place of which they would like others. Let's give a concrete example: don't you use the button for bluetooth? No problem: with FlipControlCenter you can replace it with the one to activate or deactivate 3G or with any other system function. If 5 buttons for settings in the control center of iOS 7 are not enough for you, don't worry: with FlipControlCenter pyou can introduce an additional one or create a new page where you can insert up to six other additional buttons.

Finally, with FlipControlCenter it will be possible set different buttons on the Home than on the lock screen. Fantastic!

As you can easily see,FlipControlCenter a very useful and very convenient tweak, which allows you to fully customize the control center of iOS 7 in an easy, fast and immediate way.It is the tweak that many users have been waiting for since Apple introduced the control center for iOS 7 and now finally available completely free of charge.

If you also want try now the brand new FlipControlCenter for iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 7 and with Jailbreak, here's how you can do it.

Installation of FlipControlCenter on iPhone, iPod and iPad with jailbreak: here's how

Premise: to use FlipControlCenter you must have an iPhone, iPod or iPad updated to iOS 7 and with Jailbreak.

Having said that, let's proceed with the guide.

1. Open Cydia on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad jailbroken

2. Move to the Manage section and click on Sources

3. Press the Edit button and then Add

4. Enter the address http: // and click on Add repo

5. After refreshing the packages, move to Novit and press on the FlipControlCenter package

6. Tap on Install and confirm the operation. Wait for the installation and then reboot the iPhone.

End. This way you have the FlipControlCenter tweak installed correctly.

To customize your iOS 7 Control Center you can go to Settings> FlipControlCenter. From there you can add and remove all the programs you want from the iOS 7 control center.

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