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Best Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7: iCleaner Pro


Download iCleaner Pro tweak from Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 7 with Jailbreak

Here we are at a new appointment with i best tweaks for Cydia compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. Today we talk aboutiCleaner Pro, a famous tweak that has just been updated to be compatible with iOS 7.

For those who do not know it, we briefly recall that iCleaner Pro a tweak very appreciated and known by Apple users with jailbreak, which allows you to remove unnecessary files from iPhone, iPod and iPad to speed up the device.

Let's see in detail what you doCleaner Pro.

As we anticipated, iCleaner the ultimate application to remove unnecessary files from your jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad. Baster click on the appropriate icon that will appear in the Home or use the iCleaner command in the Mobile Terminal (it will be necessary to log in as root) and in a few moments the useless files will be deleted from your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

What does iCleaner do in detail?

iCleaner Pro cleans up the following parts of your Apple device:

  • Safari:allows you to remove cookies, history and cache to free up memory and preserve privacy.
  • Applications: scan the path / var / mobile / Applications and / Applications by removing the WebClip cache, cookies, and temporary files.
  • Log files: iCleaner removes application log files and crash reports from known locations. This type of file is usually irrelevant to the functioning of the applications concerned.
  • Cache files: scan and delete system cache and database files.
  • Temporary files: Delete temporary files from the device.
  • Apt partial files: iCleaner removes the partially installed packages from Cydia and the repo files.
  • Filetype cleanup: iCleaner allows you to clean up your device by deleting a certain type of file by extension.

For more information on the application, please visit the official website of the project.

After a period of incompatibility with iOS 7,iCleaner Pro finally updates and becomes compatible with the latest version of the Apple operating system.It is still a beta, but it works quite well and therefore I recommend you try it.

Compared to the version compatible with iOS 6, in this update of iCleaner Pro for iOS 7 we find various news:

  • new iOS 7 style graphics
  • men still very simple and immediate to use
  • compatibility and support for 64-bit processors such as iPhone 5S or iPad Air
  • much more.

If you are interested in previewing this tweak on your iPhone, iPod and iPad, you can download it for free from this Cydia repo:

Try it and let me know what you think, how you find it and if you find any bugs and problems.

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