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Best 5 Apps to Record Audio from Mobile

How many uses does our mobile phone have? It can be used to surf, use Facebook and possibly even make some phone calls! You can also take some photos or record videos, but for some people it is not enough. It must also be considered that audio is an essential part of many digital creations, but many cellphones do not have an integrated solution to record only our voice or sound. For this, there are Apps dedicated specifically for this.

So let's see together: what are the most suitable programs to record audio with our mobile phone?

# 1 BandLab (… if you are looking for a program capable of recording audio on multiple levels, BandLab ready to serve in this field. This is an App that includes a 12-track mixer and some useful tools to tune the guitar, loop tracks or start some simple sounds. It is obviously very useful for recording our voice and what is happening around us. It has active sharing on social networks for our recordings, if deemed necessary. The completely free and unlocked program, which is convenient to see nowadays!

# 2 Easy Voice Recorder (… on the contrary, this program does exactly what it says on the label: it records any vocal content in a simple and immediate way. Just open the App, press the registration button, and say what you need to narrate. It can export the recording to MP3 and also includes support for WearOS, in case we want to use our Smartwatch to record the necessary audio. All functions are available, even if present in advertising: by purchasing the Premium version, this is no longer present.

# 3 Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (…cos as an easy voice recorder, Hi-Q mainly dedicated to voice recordings, albeit with an extra gear. Its strong point is the accessories integrated into the program: support for Dropbox and Wifi communication of content, for example, can be very useful for sharing the various sound tracks both on the network and from mobile to mobile. It also has a handy Widget to start recording immediately in case we need it. Hi-Q normally free, but some of its functions are blocked. Only the Premium version has all the functions available.

# 4 FL Studio Mobile (… and instead here is a fully equipped program not only to record our voice, but also to do it through various tools that lApp has integrated. The main purpose is to use these options to create music of various genres (Pop, synth, ect), with also different plugins that we can install specifically to expand the functions of the App, but of course also possible to insert our voice or what we want to record within the audio track. If you plan to record only some vocal parts at random, perhaps better to leave it alone: ​​it costs 15 euros. And therefore only, and only suitable, for those who really want to take advantage of all the tools it offers.

# 5 Smart Recorder (… returning to programs dedicated to voice-only recording, Smart Recorder allows you to quickly record any content we want. The fact is that there is also a small difference between all the programs available in the Store: this allows you to eliminate the silences that are from one sentence to another. We can of course set this function to not make our narration appear too fast, which is definitely useful for those who have to concentrate on everything to say. It is also possible to save the recordings on the SD card and what is still quite rare can record even when standing in the background, or even when it appears as closed. The free version has advertising included, but you can purchase a Premium version which eliminates this annoyance.