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Apple, Samsung and more: patent infringement complaint, patent troll risk

marzo 17, 2020

David against Goliath, indeed, many Goliath. So one could describe the legal battle desired by the semi-unknown Irish company Neodron, pointing the finger at Amazon, Apple, ASUS, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung and Sony accusing them of violating a series of patents on devices equipped with a touch screen.

"The complaint concerns violations of section 337 of the 1930 Tariff Act", writes the United States International Trade Commission – the body in charge of ruling on the case. The statute, in force for 90 years, prohibits practices of trade and unfair competition in imports. In particular, the patents that Neodron cites are the numbers 7,821,425, 7,903,092, 8,749,251 and 9,411,472, all related as mentioned above smartphones, tablets and touchscreen computers.

In practice, the Dublin-based Irish company asks USITC to block existing orders in order to protect what it believes to be the her Intellectual property. Let's be clear, the American Commission has not yet expressed itself and has not taken any position. The case was assigned to a judge who in the next few days will listen to the parties involved and then decide on the final sentence.

The risk patent troll is around the corner: the first doubts had been raised by PatentlyApple a few days after Neodron filed the complaint. On that occasion he wrote: "But Does Neodron make products that can be violated?"The risk that this is a" farce "is real, but it will be up to the USITC to decide the ending of this story. Already other times it had happened that semi-unknown companies denounced hi-tech giants, but winning the court case: just think of the Canadian WiLAN, to which Apple will have to pay $ 85 million for violating two patents on wireless communications.

Credits opening image: Pixabay