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Apple registers a new iPad 2020 before launch

For months now, the advances indicate the arrival of new Apple tablet models for practically every variant currently on the list: now a new iPad 2020 registered by Apple in the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission, signed EEC) shows that the multinational of Cupertino is preparing for the commercial launch of at least one model.

Recall that the registration with the EEC is mandatory in order to market any device that implements encryption technologies in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. For this reason, in the past, Apple's new registrations with this database have been made and have in fact anticipated the launch of new models of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

All on the iPad Pro 2020

The new iPad 2020 registered with the EEC indicated with the model identifier A2229, a code that is not associated with any Apple tablet on the market today. Unfortunately, the commercial registration does not contain technical specifications or the exact commercial name with which it will be sold, for this reason not given if it is a new inexpensive tablet, iPad Air, iPad mini or a new iPad Pro.

For several months now, up to the last few days, reports have intensified indicating a new generation of iPad Pro with triple camera and also with flight-time sensor to detect depth and distance, including a reliable report Ming Chi Kuo.

New iPad 2020 registered by Apple before launch

But the unknown on the new iPad 2020 registered at the EEC, in this article we report a screen of the registration published by AppleInsider, it does not only concern the incoming model but also the timing. In the past, in fact, from registration to launch, in some cases only a few days or weeks have passed, in other cases, however, several months have also passed. To complicate all the advances and reports on Apple's plans for its new products, developments on coronavirus pideami that could force the multinational to postpone some launches.

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