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Apple orders 4 million iPhones by the end of June

Apple has ordered 4 million iPhones and will receive them by the end of June. The indiscretion rebounds from the New China Times, a Chinese magazine that refers to sources close to the world of component suppliers.

According to the China Times, the first wave of parts destined for the new iPhone being delivered these days with the aim of arriving soon at a sufficient quantity of finished phones and starting to supply the warehouses. This is to be able to supply stores later when the new models, officially announced probably at WWDC in June, will actually be available (late June?)

An interesting detail of the newspaper article confirms the availability of two different iPhone models to which will be added one produced specifically for the Chinese market. The two iPhone models for international markets will be, says the newspaper, an Edge version and a 3G version; that for the Chinese market could be made in accordance with the specifications of the local networks or be a low-cost private version of any functions that are not indispensable or even prohibited by law (such as Wifi) in China.

The availability of an Edge version for the international market does not mean that this will actually be available on all markets. It seems rather unlikely, in fact, that Cupertino will make a leap backwards in technology after having magnified the third generation network. Much more likely, assuming that the China Times is right, that the Edge model is intended for some countries and some operators in emerging markets where 3G networks are not widespread and where the price of the phone is a crucial factor.

According to the Chinese newspaper, there will be no substantial difference in size from the current model. No iPhone nano, in short.

Recall that recently Shaw Wu, an analyst specialized in Apple, has forecast between 5 and 6 million the number of new iPhones built for Cupertino.