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AOL denies interest in Red Hat

AOL denies interest in Red Hat logomacitynet1200wide 1

During the weekend, the newspaper of the capital (Microsoft's shareholding) USA came out with a news bomb: AOL TimeWarner in negotiations for the purchase of RedHat, one of the major Linux distributors. Andrew Weinstein of AOL TimeWarner denies dryly and adds: "the wrong Washington Post story. ”There are those who believe that in the alternative to the acquisition, AOL TimeWarner can still reach an agreement to license their Linux version for the entire line of IT systems used by the world giant. Some analysts believe that the idea of ​​buying RedHat is rather far-fetched, these are Peter Von Schilling of Merrill Lynch and Brent Williams of MacDonald Investments. It is learned from a mailing list in the Linux world that Alan Cox, the spearhead of RedHat and the right arm of Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, could immediately quit RedHat if the purchase by AOL materializes.

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