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Android Oreo: root will no longer be needed to change the …

The reasons that push smartphone users to prefer Android over the competition are the possibilities that the green robot system makes available in order to personalize thanks also to the root procedure both the graphic aspect and the system functions. With just arrived Android Oreo however, they will no longer be necessary advanced root procedures to change the theme.

Android Oreo will not require root to change the graphics of the system

The evidence of this novelty has been discoveries by the developers of the note platform XDA, who have found a way to exploit WHO of the system (Overlay Manager Service)on Android Oreo so you can change the interface theme with a known one theme-enginecalled Substratum, without having to resort to rooting or other procedures that can be complicated for most Android users.

Android Oreo

substratum a well-known app, where you can find and apply themes on Android, but which requires root access to system functions to do so. Requirement no longer needed on Android Oreo, which thanks to one simple procedure allow the app to work too without access to those privileges.

Android Oreo

The method discovered by the XDA developers requires that the smartphone be connected to pc, where it will be an application has started from which it will be possible to navigate on the Play Store, so as to install the Substratum app and start personalizing your phone. However, the procedure is not uncompromising, in fact you will have to run the desktop app every time you turn your phone off and on again and in addition to this, you will have to access the Substratum app to manually remove the theme you no longer want to use.

The developers of the XDA platform predict that the Substratum app will be out soon available for devices of home Google, such as Pixel, Pixel XL but also Nexus 5X and 6P.

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