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Amazon offers for the smart home: from the video camera to the home automation system

If you want to enter the world of home automation from the main door, Amazon offers you an interesting opportunity to start using the Internet of Things to save money, monitor your home and automate many of the most repetitive operations you do every day in your home.

Within the opportunities that are divided into offers valid for a full day or for a limited time we find many of the devices that we have talked about in recent months on Macitynet: these are tested systems and able to speak through their API or the IP protocol with all the most complete home automation systems and with web applications that make IOT objects and gateways interact for the home.

We want to point out the ones that seem most interesting to us

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The cameras

First of all, the surveillance cameras: D-Link is the owner, which has an endless range of models and can satisfy any budget or quality request.

There are also economic models of Tp-Link and other brands with versatile and powerful products such as Motorola, Koenig

Also interesting are the MyFox cameras that combine security and privacy with their particular flap that closes when you are at home.

For those who want a complete and autonomous system there are interesting offers on Avidsen systems with two or more cameras and a DVR for management.

Thermostats and tools for thermal well-being

The French Netatmo is the owner, a very active company in the IOT world with its thermostat and its weather station, but the German tado not least with its products that offer remote control and the combination with geofencing of multiple users to the first place for ease of use and energy saving but there are some interesting offers also for Honeywell accessories such as the single thermostatic valves that we tried at the time on Macitynet. Check before purchasing if the connections supplied are compatible with your radiator.

Distance Measuring

For those who have to measure their home for do-it-yourself jobs or have to measure someone else's for work, there are also offers on laser distance meters such as Bosch's Laser Connect which connects to your iPhone or Android. (today with 20% discount)

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Wireless home automation kit

In the field of complete home automation systems there is an interesting novelty for the Italian market and the arrival also in our country of the systems of the French Hauppage. It is an oem product of excellent quality from a well-known Taiwanese supplier with a Z-wave Plus gateway (which we have already tried in recent months) which has been combined with the software created by Zipato with great ability to integrate, through scripts, even peripherals based on IP protocol, programming almost entirely in Italian and the accessories, also sold individually in the offers of these days (such as the 4 in 1 sensor) are at the maximum of ease and inclusion capacity also in other Z-wave systems.

hauppage "width =" 699 "height =" 515 "srcset =" 699w, wp-content / uploads / 2015/10 / hauppage1-480x354.jpg 480w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 699px) 100vw, 699px "src =" content / uploads / 2015/10 / hauppage1.jpg "/></p><p>We will try one of these kits in the coming weeks but knowing the components we assure you that at the price they are offered it is an interesting tool to enter home automation using Z-wave.</p><p>The products are those of the HaSuppage mySmarthome series.</p><p>In the more do-it-yourself field there are internal or external motors to automate curtains and shutters while for home connectivity there are many offers for high-speed Powerline connectivity and Wi-Fi routers.</p><p>As you can see we have not indicated prices, the offers change from day to day and some last only a few hours. Some are repeated with different combinations but we advise you to periodically check starting from this link if one of the mentioned products entered the range of those with the special discount for the smart home.</p><p>If you want more information about the products by visiting the articles that have already appeared on Macitynet, we recommend clicking on the tags with the names of the companies at the bottom of this article.</p><p></p><!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. 1.8.17 --><div class=