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Aloe is the app that will help you take care of your health …

Aloe a very interesting new project available through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. It is an application that will take care of you by reminding you to do some things.

Aloe will initially be available only on iOS but the developers have confirmed that the version for Android will come later. The software combines all essential tasks to heal in one place. In particular, the app will allow you to keep your physical, mental and emotional health at the top.

Aloe Kickstarter appAloe: here is the app that groups together all the essential tasks for self-healing

Aloe it is mainly based on a survey published in January where thousands of people were able to preview the application. From the description of the page Kickstarter it is clear that the software will be based on 4 things: it will be free, it will help users to carry out the essential tasks to stay healthy, there will be no limit of use and it will be possible to set daily reminders according to needs and lifestyles.

In case the project will be successfully funded on Kickstarter, a version of Aloe for the Android platform. In particular, the application will allow, for example, to remind you of drink a glass of water every time, Brush your teeth, eat a snack, have a shower, take breaks during business hours, remember to send an SMS to a friend, remember to take a drug and so on.

In the main screen of Aloe you will be able to access 9 self-care activities which can be changed at any time via the Settings. The user will always have the possibility to remove unwanted activities.

Inside the software there will also be a sort of space for reflection in which users can answer 3 simple questions:

  • How was your day?
  • Who is the person who makes you happy?
  • What will you do tomorrow?

All the supporters who finance the project on Kickstarter paying $ 10 they will receive the following advantages: an exclusive package of icons for activities, the possibility of adding new tasks and having a more complete look at the data collected by the app. Until this moment Aloe managed to collect $ 21,112 up $ 40,000 fixed and still missing 15 days at the end of the fundraiser.

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