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Action Launcher: the latest update introduces several Android O features

Android offers the possibility for the user to personalize their 360 device. For example, it is possible to replace the default operating system launcher with one proposed by third parties, available on the Google Play Store. Action Launcher certainly one of the most popular applications available for Android and in the past few hours has received a small but important update.

The latest update of the popular launcher gives users a taste of some features that Google implementer on the new Android 8.0. In addition to these interesting features, you will get the version of Action Launcher richer in functionality. First, the app now integrates Android O-style shortcut apps, as well as previews of notifications.

Action Launcher v26Action Launcher: released the latest version of the popular launcher for Android

Even the Notification Dots have been implemented within the latest release of Action Launcher. Those, however, who prefer to use numbers for unread notifications instead of points, can choose this view through the settings. The developer Chris Lacy confirmed that users of Action Launcher they will be able to control which applications will display unread notifications via badges and use previews of notifications Android O.

The new version of the launcher also includes the widget selector Android 8.0. support for the animated icon and the personalized clock widget in style was also introduced Android O. In the latest update, Action Launcher v26 offers complete integration with Google Now for all those who use the Big G feature starting from Android Lollipop.

Action Launcher v26In order to use this feature, it is necessary to install the app Action Launcher Plugin in addition to the classic launcher, downloadable from this link. In case you have already installed the launcher on your smartphone, just update it via the Play Store otherwise, it will be necessary to plug the badge below to download the software.

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