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Ace takes everything: the timeless card game on offer on the App Store

Ace takes everything: the timeless card game on offer on the App Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

Asso takes all a game with simple rules and capable of giving life to excited games. We start with three cards per player and three on the table: it is possible to capture the card on the table using a card of equal value, while the aces take everything: the player who manages to capture the most cards wins. Thanks to the digital version for iPhone and touch it is now possible to challenge the computer or a friend. Asso takes everything was made by the same team of programmers who created Scopa, Briscola and Tressette, titles that have been very successful thanks to an impeccable realization from every point of view: graphics, audio and management / operation.

To play against a human opponent, you can challenge friends by sharing the same pocket, or even via the local Wi-Fi network with two devices. In version 1.0 available on the App Store, 8 decks of original Dal Negro cards are already available, while with the next free updates, another 7 decks will be available, thus completing the rich repertoire of regional styles. In addition to Roberta Giamboi, Roberto Fraboni and the team that worked on all the aforementioned card games, the graphic aspect of Asso takes everything further improved thanks to the contribution of Maurizio Terzo.

The official price of Asso takes all of 1.59 euros but in these first days of launch it is possible to buy it practically at half price. Only 0.79 cents directly on this App Store page.

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