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2XL Supercross, the graphic excellence on iPhone and iPod touch

They say that the iPhone and the iPod touch have many games, but that the portable consoles have graphically better ones, they say that Apple's platform is technologically interesting, but that it will never be able to simulate physics like the Nintendo Ds and PSP. They say that to see something really interesting from the point of view of the graphic impact it will be necessary to wait for one if not two generations of the Apple devices. Maybe the critics are right, but probably a part of the responsibility to increase the graphic quality of the iPod and iPhone games on the programmers' shoulders, at least judging from what you see in 2XL Supercross.

The game developed by 2XL and released at the end of last week really visually amazing and certainly does not outshine (and probably beat) most of the games for Portable PlayStation: very high quality 3D models, almost perfect lighting effects, excellent fluidity animation, moving particles, are the main features of this title which is destined to mark a stopping point in the sports games sector for iPhone and iPod touch.

As easily understood from the title, the game set in the world of indoor Motocross. There are five different tracks available (designed by motocross rider Stephane Roncada) and three game modes (time, trial and race); on the track there are five bikes that we will have to, at least in race mode, beat to win. Around this basic mode there is a game system that has easy controls: steering controlled by the accelerometer and simulated throttle with two buttons on the screen as in other motorcycle and car games. Once the competition started, after choosing the slopes, this was immediately involved, as mentioned, thanks to the incredible graphic work done by 2XL. The tracks can be viewed in person, directly from behind the helmet of the protagonist, and from three other dynamic viewing angles that we can choose according to our preference. The entire environment is extremely realistic, with jumps and curves that perfectly simulate the physics of the environment, lights that move according to the positioning of the sources and our position. The excellent choice in the color palette and the very spot on sound, do the rest and give the whole an incredible level of realism.

Note the possibility of personalizing our racer, choosing from various types of motorcycles (125, 250 and 450 cc) and suits of different shapes; you can also compare our results with those of other players around the world by uploading your times on the two 2XL website. The sensitivity of the various controls can also be changed to adapt it to our way of playing.

If you wanted to look for some defect you could find it in the lack of a championship mode. This makes situations a little repetitive if you play for a long time as there is not a huge variety of tracks; the championship mode would make the system more interesting, even if the ability to customize the controls and choose different tracks, allows you to refine the approach to the tracks from game to game and try to improve your performance. A second problem is the battery life; it takes little to zero the autonomy of the iPhone and iPod touch, so that to try it thoroughly you must necessarily keep our device connected to a power source, but this certainly due to the fact that it is squeezed all the way iPhone and iPod touch hardware. Finally, it should be noted that the price (5.99 euros) does not place 2XL Supercross among the cheapest titles, but it must also be said that the price is decidedly adequate for the quality of the product.

In conclusion, therefore, 2XL Supercross (click here to buy) one of those few titles that a sports and motor racing enthusiast cannot miss in his "library" of games if he has an iPhone or iPod touch. The price is not the cheapest and has a longevity not like other competing titles, but it offers an unparalleled ability to engage and a graphic quality unknown to the vast majority of titles released for the platform.

Below is a demonstration of the game in a 2XL movie on YouTube.