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XPress 5 for sale

marzo 16, 2020

XPress 5 for sale logomacitynet1200wide 1

From today, in the USA, version 5 of Quark XPress is on sale. According to the manufacturer, the new version of the application has been tested by over 370,000 users. The new version is also proposed as a unique tool for printing and web-design. In addition to actual printing, the application can be used to create Web pages and eBooks. Users have the ability to import / export dozens of files in different formats, including HTML, PDF and XML. Among the most anticipated features, the ability to create tables and organize data. The tables can contain images and texts and can be controlled down to the smallest typographical parameter of the tables. Another new feature is the "layers", a technique that allows you to isolate objects inside the layouts allowing the management of hundreds of variants of the same document. Even the print interface has been revised, as well as support for PDF files. There are new context menus and a better color management system. The package sold in the US for $ 995. Previous version users can upgrade for $ 299. Owners of the 3.X version can purchase the package for $ 399. The "Passport 5.0" (multilingual) and "International English 5.0" versions should be ready in a few months. For the Mac OS X version there will be waiting ….

(Edited by Newton)

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