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With Messagenet iPhone send and receive faxes

marzo 16, 2020

With Messagenet iPhone send and receive faxes logomacitynet1200wide 1

Messagenet has updated its platform that allows the reception of faxes via e-mail: the documents received on your fax number are automatically converted into PDF documents attached to the email, the latter sent to the box specified by the user.

Simple operation. The user of the Messagnet services is assigned a real fax number which belongs to the normal Italian geographical numbering. With the Messagenet FAXin service, all faxes that arrive at this telephone number are converted into PDF documents, after which they are attached to an email and sent to the user's mailbox. In addition to the FAXin service with a paid subscription, Messagenet offers the FreeFax service: completely free, it provides a real fax number with the prefix chosen by the user for the reception of a maximum of 3 faxes per month.

The Messagenet offer completed by the FAXout service that allows you to send faxes from the Web or directly from our inbox. The written text of the email, addressed to a Messagenet address, is automatically transformed into a fax: the same operation is also applied to the attached documents, after which everything is sent to the desired fax number.

Finally, we note that the transformation of incoming faxes into PDF allows a better management of documents, their conservation and finally also the complete management from iPhone and any other smartphone capable of viewing PDF. Finally, with the FAXin and FAXout services, completely manageable via email, iPhone users who work with faxes can now manage all reception and sending operations practically wherever the connection to the cellular network and the Internet is available. For all information on the services offered by Messagenet, refer to this web page.

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