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WhatsApp could integrate the new Night Mode feature to improve the …

marzo 16, 2020

Whatsapp, the messaging application purchased from Facebook in 2014 for a good 21 billion dollars, it could introduce a new feature in the next releases. On the page of WhatsApp Translation there is a request for the name Night Mode.

Although at first glance it might seem the classic night mode that reverses the text in black and the background in white to make the eyes less tired at night, it is actually something completely different.

WhatsApp Night Mode

WhatsApp: are the developers ready to integrate the new Night Mode feature?

Night Mode for Whatsapp works with the camera interface. This new feature is intended for improve the quality of the photographs taken in low light conditions. Night Mode it could be added through a new button and can also be used during one video call.

The request was filed for iPhone. This means that probably Night Mode will appear first on iOS and then on Android. The camera interface is rather simple. There are no filters to be applied to the videos but it allows zooming in and zooming out.

WhatsApp Night Mode

We also find a switch to activate / deactivate the LED flash and the possibility to switch from the rear camera to the front one, and vice versa, through the dedicated button.

If the night mode really turns into a real additional function, Whatsapp it could be used by all those users who like taking pictures regardless of the amount of light available.

WhatsApp Night Mode

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