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What settings for a Base Airport, under OS X? Let's ask the computer.

Macintosh computers have always been the most "friendly" computers in human-machine interaction, allowing them to become familiar with the IT tool in a very short time. With the advent of ever new and sophisticated technologies and with the introduction of Unix, in Apple's OS strategy for the future, you miss this essential feature?

By leaving these answers to users, we want to highlight the work done by Will Clarkson, an enthusiast who wrote an agile tutorial to learn the art of configuring an Airport Base Station to share a single internet connection on different computers.

This renewed version also includes the specific software IPNetShare X and the instructions to use it in the best possible way, instead of the previous gNAT, abandoned because guilty of annoying malfunctions. The news also concern the introduction of the configuration of the PPPoE protocol, in addition to the settings of the gi existing PPPoA, as a result of a user's requests.

In this regard it is worth pointing out that, on his website, mr. Clarkson also collects a number of "questions and answers", useful for solving certain problems. The tutorial, completely free, is described by the author as very simple to follow, and capable of providing the necessary information in 30 minutes of study .