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Top 5 Android apps for reading eBooks and PDFs

A great way to spend your free time and broaden your horizons is to read books. C ’chili reads to learn new things and who to entertainmentin any case books are the best way to lose yourself in another world and in another time. But did you know that thanks to some applications you can read your favorite books directly on your smartphone or tablet and carry them around with you always?

eBook reader: the 5 best apps for smartphones and tablets

Reading a book on a tablet or smartphone will not be like reading a real book, but the fundamental essence is the same. Of course, at first it may seem difficult to get used to eBooks, but after a while the experience becomes natural. In today's article we have selected the best eBook readers for Android that will make your reading very pleasant.

  1. Moon + Reader– (Recommended by us)
  2. FBReader
  3. Adobe Reader
  4. Aldiko eBook Reader
  5. Universal Book Reader

Moon + Reader equipped with a large number of features that will facilitate your reading. The application renders the pages with a slight shade of yellow to replicate the warm aspect of a page of the physical book.

Moon + Reader

possible highlight sentences on the eBook you are reading, this allows students to mark important things without necessarily having to print and highlight the text by hand. Moon + Reader allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen through the swipe with your fingers. The paid version of the application also allows the opening of files in PDF format.

FBReader, a good stable and fast eBook reaeder. The user interface could be improved, but the application compensates for its good performance and ease of use. It supports almost all major formats, for the PDF format you need to download a free plugin from the Google Play Store.

FBReader: favorite book reader

FBReader saves what you are reading before closing the app, and also allows you to use custom fonts and backgrounds. The application also features a integrated web browser with links to almost all the most popular online eBook retailers, and you can buy books very easily or at least compare the prices of your favorites. Finally, the application allows integration with dictionaries external.

Adobe Reader it does not have many functions, but it does its job well. If you have a large collection of books in PDF format, this is the best PDF eBook reader for Android.PDF one of the most popular eBook formats and Adobe Reader well optimized to handle this format.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

The application is regularly updated with new features and stability and performance improvements. It is also possible to open complex and large PDF files with relative ease. The search functions of this application are surprising, and also a convenient addition proves the possibility of being able to insert comments directly on PDFs.

Aldiko eBook Reader what we expect from a first-rate eBook reader. The stable, very fast application, and in addition, the well-kept and easy-to-use graphic interface is one of the strengths that distinguishes it from other more famous ones.

Aldiko Book Reader

easy to import your own EPUB and PDF files and there are plenty of customization options. You can change the font size, font, background color, alignment and margin, change the line spacing and brightness of the screen. Finally, the application will also allow you to create bookmarks and quickly switch between sections to the other thanks to the index by subjects.

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Universal Book Reader with an elegant and easy-to-use interface and has advanced search features that come in very useful if you have a large collection of books on your Android device.

Media365 Book Reader

This the application I adapted collectors who want to keep their ebooks well organized as they would on real shelves. You can also choose different styles for the shelves, depending on the type of books, and order the books by title, time of use or author.The app allows you to select the classic list or grid view, there are also different reading modes to facilitate you reading even at night.

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