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The Windows Phone Your Phone app will allow copying and pasting on Samsung smartphones

Thanks to Your Windows 10 Your Phone it will be possible to copy and paste between a Windows 10 PC and a Samsung device, specifically a Galaxy S20 or a foldable Z Flip.

Microsoft is working on a couple of great features for the Windows 10 Your Phone app, which will be the first to benefit from Insider Preview users, who can test them after installing the latest build of the desktop operating system. One of these features is the ability to copy and paste text and images between a phone and a PC; for this particular iteration, however, functionality will be limited only between a Samsung Galaxy S20, 20+, S20 Ultra or Z Flip device and a PC with Windows 10 system version April 10, 2018, or later.

To activate the function, a user simply needs to open Settings and activate the relevant feature. Once turned on, you can copy and paste text and images using the familiar CTRL + C and CTRL + V commands or by touching and holding the phone screen.

The Windows 10 Your Phone app will allow you to copy and paste on Samsung devices

In addition, users will now be able to turn off the display of their mobile device while using the phone screen display on their PC. Microsoft calls the "black screen" feature and starts the moment a session starts, automatically closing when the session ends. Users can still turn on the smartphone screen by pressing the power button, scrolling the screen and also activating Bixby.

Finally, the Your Phone app now also supports RCS messages for Galaxy S20 users and will be able to see when their messages are marked as "Read". Once again, only Insider Preview ring Fast users will be able to access these features, at least for the moment: those who are not part of the program will have to wait for the final version before they can start copying, pasting content and text between PC and smartphone.