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The new Titanium with the Combo arrive to customers

The new Titanium with the Combo arrive to customers logomacitynet1200wide 1

Giulio Gomitoni reports to us a news on the new Titanium regarding the combo drive. As usual it is a Matsushita unit (8121 to be precise) 8x8x24x8 with Burnproof (verified through Toast which shows the appropriate option); the interesting thing that have changed the disc insertion system: there is no longer the automatic mechanism that drags the disc and 'eats' it, but you have to push it by hand to the end, and then the drive sucks it for the last millimeters. After insertion (all very quickly, of course) the drive will bring the disk down, which therefore does not remain parallel to the crack during use. Not a shocking novelty, but it certainly represents a step forward: many users had complained of the functioning of the previous models in which the CD or DVD had to be inserted with some force in the player and was "captured" while it was mostly outside. The Powerbook G4 with combo drive delivered in these days does not yet have X as a system starting and mounted version 10.1.1 which reveals a preparation of the machine in the pre-Christmas period.We remember that after January 7th all Apple CPUs will have Mac OS X 1.1.2 as the starting.

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