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The launch of a new iPad seems very close: EEC certification arrives

An unedited model of iPad has just received the EEC certification (Eurasian Economic Commission). The product is described as an "Apple tablet computer", will be equipped with iPadOS 13, and has the code A2229. As usual, it is a stage in the preparation of the launch of a device that does not give us particular details, but remains aindication valid to estimate the time that separates a product from launching commercial.

Mind you, Apple is absolutely not required to release the new iPad within a certain period of time after certification, but usually it is a passage that anticipates the launch of a few months at most.

And we also have some recent examples, such as the iPad Air and the fifth generation of iPad Mini (which we reviewed together), which appeared in the EEC database seven weeks before they were marketed last March. Or, let's think about the 10.2-inch iPad (we also reviewed it), registered nine weeks before it arrived on the market, again in 2019 but in September.