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The 5 best applications to invest in the stock market

Investing on the stock market is a difficult task, especially when there is a lot of money at stake. Some people are good at this while others depend on it best Android apps to invest in the stock exchange. The stock market is a ruthless place and only those who have the latest information can last long.

Playing on the stock exchange: the stock market within your smartphone

Did you know that the average Italian checks his smartphone about 150 times a day? Instead of chatting on Facebook and playing games, have you ever thought about trying to use your smartphone to become a better investor? On the Play Store there are many applications that will allow you to receive all the latest news and economic indicators. If you intend to invest in the stock market, however, it is highly advisable to do a proper research first.

  1. – Markets, Stocks and Forex – (Recommended by us)
  2. Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts
  3. MSN Money
  4. TradeKing Mobile
  5. Yahoo Finance – Markets, Stocks and Forex one of the best sites to monitor all your shares, as it provides real-time and streaming quotes for all financial instruments, including Securities, ETFs, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Bitcoin, Indices and Futurese covering over seventy global exchanges .

Finance: Stock Exchange, Shares, Portfolio and News

The application of course also one of the best Android applications to invest, the interface really well made not only according to the aesthetic aspect but also in terms of ease of use. The site certainly offers more details of the application, but if you are in a hurry the app will allow you quick and dynamic access to information. The app also provides opinions and analysis by leading industry expertswhich, besides being very detailed, give a correct view of the global economic situations.

Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts

Stocks the best app for investing if you like working on your Android tablet. The interface is very well managed and conveniently shows all the necessary information.

Stocks: Realtime Quotes Charts & Investor News

The fast, responsive application does not make excessive use of the data connection despite continuous updating. If you know how the stock market works, you will surely be well aware of the importance of real-time updates, Stocks really makes all information immediately accessible and if you are interested in only one company, you can see its dynamic graphs.

MSN Money

MSN Money it makes everything a lot easier being one of the most sumptuously detailed applications for investing. There are data and information from the main sources around the world, and in addition, the app offers great tools to allow you to make quick calculations, for example while on the road.

MSN Money - Quotes

MSN Money does everything with a unique quality and integrity and the news is the main feature of the app, since they are constant and come from verified sources. If you like to play on the stock market, then this application will certainly help youmonitor large companies, from Google to Microsoft and from Apple to Facebook, it is possible to keep an eye on everything that happens.

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TradeKing Mobile

TradeKing it has the most professional interface that we have had the opportunity to try among all the applications to invest in the stock market. The application with a gray background that makes reading white text easy for the eyes and also helps to seize investment opportunities thanks to the help of advanced graphics.

TradeKing Mobile Investing

Taking a look at the live quotes will give you a good idea about your positions. One of the best things about the application are the extraordinarily detailed graphics and that really help to better understand a particular action. You can also set the application to receive the push notifications and stay constantly updated without the need to continuously keep the app open.

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Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance allows you to follow the securities you are interested in and get personalized notices and news about them, this makes the app one of the best in its field, since it allows you to invest in the stock market more easily.

Yahoo Finance

It allows us to filter out all the useless news articles that you are not interested in and save a lot of precious time. The application does not only cover basic stocks, but also bonds, commodities, world indices, currencies and stocks. Follow multiple titles very simple, just touch the star next to the name and game done.

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