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Telegram 4.1 introduces support for Android Pay and new tools …

The team of Telegram is working more and more with the aim of offering amessaging application more and more complete and interesting. The latest version of the software includes new ones functionality is improvements for both group administrators and regular users.

The most interesting features of Telegram 4.1 are the new administration tools. These allow you to partially ban members from a supergroup. Also present the new section Recent actions which prevents multiple directors, who work on a single group, from getting confused.

Telegram 4.1 Android

Telegram 4.1: new version available for Android. Here are the news!

Telegram 4.1 up Android introduces support for Android Pay via the payments bot and a new, much improved selection of media (such as photos and videos). These are now grouped together when they are to be shared from the menu Attachments or via the Gallery app.

The developers of the popular messaging app they also confirmed that they have implemented an anti-censorship tool. This tool allows you to set a proxy server, which can be found in the section Date and memory of Settings.

Telegram 4.1 Finally, it extends the maximum size of the members of a supergroup bringing it to well 10,000 members. This new feature is sure to make things easier for kids administrators who can now search for members directly from channels.

If you use it daily Telegram (like me) or are you curious to try it over, for example, a Whatsapp, then just download from Google Play Store directly from the badge below.

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