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T-Mobile says no to Skype for iPhone

marzo 16, 2020

T-Mobile says no to Skype for iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

T-Mobile says no to Skype for iPhone. The German company, mobile arm of Deutsche Telekom has closed the door in the face of the program developed by the Luxembourg company with some statements released to the media of the Federal Republic. In particular, it was a T-Mobile spokesperson, Alexander von Schmettow, who made the carrier's position explicit: it is clearly written in our contract: this type of service cannot be used on our network. There are two reasons for this provision: the high level of traffic generated that lowers network performance and the fact that if the Skype program does not work properly, customers would hold us accountable. "

Beyond the formal declarations, it seems much more likely that the reason for the red traffic light raised by T-Mobile is in the fact that by using a Voip application on a mobile network, profits are potentially subtracted from the operator. In practice it would become possible to call abroad using data traffic at lower costs than those charged for traditional voice traffic. Even if Skype for iPhone has been studied, in compliance with Apple's guidelines, in order not to work on 3G cellular network, T-Mobile could be concerned about compatibility with Wifi networks which are very present in Germany. Under wireless coverage, customers would end up not using the cellular network but the Internet, subtracting substantial profits. For this reason, it seems that the operator intends to block the use of Skype through its Wifi hot spots.

Skype immediately reacted to the position, rejecting the technical reasons for the sender. ‘Skype for iPhone – says Robert Miller General Counsel of the company in his blog – works perfectly so true that it ranks first in 40 countries worldwide for the number of downloads. There are no technical justifications for the arbitrary blocking of Skype; it is a barrier put in place against online business by a private company that behaves in this way only because it can do it, because it controls Internet access ". Miller admits that there is currently no legislative constraint that could allow T-Mobile to be undermined because there is a 'contractual law of Deutsche Telekom, like all other mobile operators that explicitly prohibits the use of Voice Over Ip applications. Nobody can do anything, Germany or Europe do not prohibit this sensationally incorrect practice and the new European telecommunications legislation that the European Parliament and European governments are preparing to adopt within this month, certainly not helping out. Indeed, things could go even worse, with the legitimization of restrictions put in place on the Internet by operators, as long as the customer is informed. Our efforts – Miller continues – are aimed at giving customers the opportunity to choose the mobile phone functions and web applications they want, remove any barriers imposed by operators who try to restrict the choice and encourage mobile network operators to open to innovators "

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