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Official Powerbeats 4: features and price of Apple wireless headphones

marzo 16, 2020

And finally the last missing piece has finally arrived: Apple has officially launched the new ones Powerbeats 4. A widely anticipated move, given that by now they had very few secrets, and even in recent days they had already been sighted at some dealers in the United States.

Now is the time to analyze them technical features, starting with the integration with the chip H1 Apple The same that we already find on AirPods 2, AirPods Pro and PowerBeats Pro, which we defined in the review the "AirPods for athletes". Exactly, this means that there will be the support to "Hey, Siri", with the ability to interact with the smartphone via voice commands. But also the possibility of listen to text messages coming soon: the short ones will be read in full, while for the longer ones Siri will simply notify the reception, and at that point you can request to listen to them. Subsequently, it will also be possible dictate the answer.

The Powerbeats 4 are resistant to water and sweat and I'm always listening, waiting to be activated at the first "Hey, Siri", but Apple ensures that this will not have an impact on the battery, which records a substantial increase compared to that of the previous generation (which dates back to three and a half years ago ), With the'autonomy going from 12 to 15 hours. There is also the fast charge: five minutes will be enough to get an hour of autonomy.

These are wireless headphones and not true wireless: which means that they connect to devices without the need for wires, but between them they are joined by a cable that makes it comfortable to remove them and let them fall around the neck, and which has a different design than to that seen on the previous model: now in fact instead of starting directly from the headset, it unravels from the "hook" that secures the headphones to the ear. There will be a button on the cable that will allow you to control the various functions.

At the moment on the official website they are not yet available for purchase ("coming soon"), but they will become soon. The price and of $ 149.95, and the colors to choose from are three: white, Black is red.