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NUVAP N1, environmental pollution in the home and office with iPhone

The pre-order for Nuvap N1 has been launched, a device capable of monitoring 24 environmental parameters in the home and office. It is an interesting product for those who want to keep themselves or their family safe by keeping an office or home under control by detecting dangerous polluting sources in the air.

It is a new generation device that is part of the era of the Internet of Things and, as anticipated, can detect electromagnetic pollution, radon gas, radioactivity (ionizing radiation), carbon monoxide, methane, noise and water pollution (using external filters), temperature, humidity, air quality, presence of fine dust, fires and much more. In this way, invisible enemies can be identified, the cause of even serious illnesses over time, acting promptly to eliminate them or mitigate their harmful effects on the health of people.

To give some examples, it can detect fires or gas leaks in time and can be useful for changing the arrangement of the beds thus avoiding continuous exposure to dangerous electromagnetic sources. In the same way, it can also be useful to evaluate the environmental health status of a home before buying or living in it, to ensure that it and its family have actually chosen a safe and healthy place to live.

Nuvap N1 is controlled remotely from the application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones. As anticipated, from this moment, available at the pre-order on the official website, at the launch offer at € 379. The first deliveries will start in late November.