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momit Home Thermostat, control heating from iPhone and save money

Control home heating while saving money. And this is what momit Home Thermostat allows you to do, what the company calls the digital butler as it is able to detect the presence of the hosts, learn from their habits and estimate consumption by taking orders via smartphone. This particular smart thermostat is able to reduce the bill up to 30%, an important energy saving dictated by habits, life rhythms and even by the budget that is intended to be used for heating.

Just a few simple touches on the display of the iPhone or Android smartphone to check the temperature of the house and, if necessary, turn on the heating so as to find it at the right temperature when you get there or, again, take advantage of geolocation to automatically activate the boiler when you are on the way to get home.

Home Thermostatmonitorapoi the thermal behavior of the home learns, for example, how much it is heated by sunlight, how it cools and how its temperature varies according to the habits of its occupants. Knowing the ignition times and also taking into account the weather forecasts, momit Home Thermostat sarcosin can make an estimate of the heating costs of the current month and, if they exceed the budget they had set, can help to optimize the temperatures of the environments in in order to reduce costs, without sacrificing comfort. By using several momit Home Thermostats simultaneously, positioned in multiple rooms, it will be possible to set and control the temperature of each of them individually.

It can be installed in place of the traditional thermostat in 95% of homes and for sale in Italy with a retail price of 129 euros, including also the use of momit's web services. A special online test is available to check if your home can be equipped with these devices (click here).

momit Home Thermostat